Thursday, 5 May 2011

Evaluation Question 4

In the research stages of our film, we mainly used the internet, search engines such as google provided us with information such as predictions of the weather so we could plan our filming, we also used websites like Youtube a lot in order to both provide each other with examples which we could use for our filming as well as a source of inspiration.

We used a Panasonic SDR camera in order to shoot all our raw footage, the camera was provided by the media department and very simple to use as all its buttons were clearly marked, and then we edited all the footage that we had shot on Addobe Premier Elements 2, I had personally edited two other films using this editing suite before and Ahmed had one so we were both quite experienced at using the software.

Independently of the classroom Ahmed used a software programme that he had on his laptop called Visionlabs which he used to create the muzzle flash effect which made it seem that Josh was actually firing a gun.

We also used blogger, a blogging website in order to document and keep track of our progress. I personally like blogger because it is a lot easier than writing a lot of essays or keeping an actual diary, there is very little need to put in effort to organise it, as the computer does that for us, however I don’t really like posting videos of myself on there.

When we had our finished product we used Youtube to upload the footage of our video and get feedback from the general population of youtube.